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Experienced Lawyers Assisting with Water Laws, Systems & Use in Denver, Colorado

Well-respected water law representation

Colorado water law is not just a practice area at the firm — it is the focus of its work. As one of the leading boutique water law firms in the Rocky Mountain Region, the Trout Raley attorneys concentrate on water and the environment, with a commitment to successfully resolving issues efficiently. The firm’s reputation was confirmed when the attorneys collectively contributed to Acquiring, Using, and Protecting Water in Colorado, a valuable resource about water laws in the state.

Water rights and water quality issues resolved

Water use and related water rights are decided in Colorado according to the Prior Appropriation Doctrine in Colorado and most of the western United States. Priority dates and usage rights are enforced in specialized Water Courts. Water quality issues may require administrative agency proceedings or Water Court for resolution. The quality of Colorado water is governed by state regulations and impacts water systems throughout the state, including Colorado’s largest water supply system serving Denver. Because water is a scarce resource in the Rocky Mountain Region, water rights and quality disputes are often hotly contested.

Benefits of a boutique water law firm

Trout Raley is an industry leader in environmental law. One of the firm’s founders and longtime water law attorneys, Greg Hobbs, now a Colorado Supreme Court Justice, helped establish a standard of excellence at the firm in this field of expertise. The firm provides experienced guidance on the complicated range of environmental regulations that require compliance in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region. The penalties for violations of Colorado water law can include stoppage of a project, so it is crucial to work with attorneys concentrating on environmental law issues prior to commencement of a project. The firm is particularly well suited to provide legal assistance in many matters, including:

  • Litigation in State, Federal and Water Courts
  • Permitting
  • Counsel in administrative actions
  • Securing water rights
  • Allocating water supply use
  • Strategic planning
  • Allowable uses of water
  • Land use

Attorneys practicing in this area

For seasoned water rights attorneys in the Rocky Mountain Region

Call Trout Raley with confidence for experienced Colorado water law representation. Contact the firm at 303.861.1963 or online to schedule a meeting today. The office is centrally located in Denver and is equipped with video conference capabilities.