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Seasoned Colorado Attorneys Successfully Defending National Environmental Policy Act Claims

Efficient representation of NEPA issues in the Rocky Mountain Region

The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), enacted in 1970, is the federal law that initiated environmental protection efforts in the United States. This law set U.S. policy on the promotion of environmental protection in federal agency projects. The attorneys at Trout Raley leverage their reputations as industry leaders to assist their clients through the process of environmental assessment. To that end, they organize and diligently prepare comprehensive administrative records before government agencies for NEPA and similar state laws. The firm’s lawyers have experience negotiating NEPA issues arising in complex projects directly with agencies and defending such claims in court when necessary.

Organized and success-driven approach to NEPA compliance

Government agency actions having any environmental impact or affecting land use are subject to NEPA. Even projects partially private in nature or funded by the state are subject to NEPA requirements if also funded in part by the federal government. The firm’s attorneys have experience negotiating application for NEPA compliance and leading the compliance process with both government agencies and private companies. Whether the project at issue requires due diligence review, administrative record preparation, skilled negotiation or aggressive litigation, the firm provides superior legal assistance in defending NEPA claims.

Effective NEPA claim resolution

Since Trout Raley purposely keeps its firm small and focused on environmental, water and municipal issues, it is in solid competition with the resources of larger firms in these areas of practice. With attention to detail and premium client service, as shown by AV® Ratings and Best Lawyer titles held by several of the firm’s attorneys, it excels at providing superior legal counsel on NEPA claims and related environmental issues. The firm’s lawyers support their advocacy in this area of practice with a wealth of experience gained from previous appointments with the U.S. Department of the Interior, as First Assistant Attorney General of Colorado, Special Assistant Attorney General of New Mexico and other prominent positions.

Attorneys practicing in this area

For competent resolution of Rocky Mountain NEPA claims

The Denver-based attorneys at Trout Raley possess the skills and experience for successful defense of NEPA claims. To determine whether a project is subject to specific regulatory requirements, contact the firm today at 303.861.1963 or online to schedule a meeting.